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If you are looking for a fun product to sell for a fundraiser, you have come to the right place. We have a complete line of lollipop fundraisers offering up to 60% profit for you to choose from. All of our lollipops retail for $.50 each

Baseball Lollipop
Color Exploder Lollipops
Creme-de-la-Creme Lollipops
Easter Joy Lollipops
Hope Ribbon Lollipop
Hot Pops Lollipops
Lolliball Lollipops
Lolliween Lollipops
Merry Pops Lollipops
Shockwaves Lollipops
Sour Mania Lollipops
Sour Yummy Lips Lollipops
Yummy Bear Lollipops
Yummy Hearts Lollipops
Yummy Lips Lollipops
Yummy Lix Lollipops
Yummy Star Lollipops

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